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Native Plant Nursery Michigan Native Plants Database

The Native Plant Nursery plants database is intended to include all plant species native to Michigan; meaning, plants that occurred in Michigan prior to European settlement. This database contains information from the Michigan Floristic Quality Assessment, 1996, and data created and developed by The Native Plant Nursery, 2005- to the present.

Please note: The information contained in this database is, by no means, complete and may change over time as information is added or changed. There are many plants listed that are missing some of their information; i.e missing flower color, height, site characteristics, locations, etc... In addition, the data itself also changes as we gain a better understanding of our local flora and ecology. For example, some plants in the database now have a second scientific name listed (a.k.a. - also known as). These names represent proposed name changes, reflecting technological advances which allow botanist to better understand how different species are related. In the future, the database may be updated to replace the old scientific name with the new. A lot of the data in this database is subject to change, as I learn more about the plants, take more pictures, or gather information from other sources.

note: Missing data in the database has implications when using the "search" feature. Some plant species do not yet have a "Shade Coefficient", "Height", flower charcteristics, or location assigned to them. If specifying any of these characteristics in your search, the resulting list does not necessarily include all species native to Michigan; only those for which the data is available.

Also, when searching the database by selecting any of the site characteristics, light or moisture, bear in mind, that the database is not perfect. The results might not represent exactly which native plants will do well in your site, but it can be a good starting point and a resource.

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