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Site Moisture

You can search the database by choosing the soil moisture conditions of your site. The query returns a list of species that meet the criteria.

The query results do not reflect the full complexity of plants and ecosystems, but can assist you in choosing plants for your site. Be advised, the data used in the search is based on the plants natural occurence patterns and not on what range of conditions the plant will tolerate. Many native species in cultivated situations can thrive in areas well beyond what one would find in a natural setting.

Each plant in the database has a wetness coefficient; a number from -5 (wet) to +5 (dry). This number represents the estimated probability of natural occurence in wetlands; so a species with a W of -5 almost always occurs in wetlands; a species with a W of +5 almost never occurs in wetlands. Most of these W numbers came from the Michigan Floristic Quality Assessment, 1996, but a few were modified to suit our needs.

When choosing a soil moisture condition in your search, such as wet or dry, the returned results cover a defined range of wetness coefficients from the database

Site Moisture Search Criteria
wetW less than -2
wet-mesicW less than 1
mesic (medium)W greater than -2
dry-mesicW greater than 0
dryW greater than 2
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