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Please note: This database is currently under development.

  • Some plant species do not yet have a "Shade Coefficient", "flower color", "bloom time" or "height" assigned to them. If selecting a criteria on any of these items other than "ALL", the species without data in that item are excluded from the results.

  • This database is meant to include all species found in the state of Michigan. Some species may be limited to one part of the state or another (i.e. some species may only occur in the U P, or only in 1 or 2 counties in the state)

  • When searching by common name, latin name or 6-letter-code, you can enter whole words or just 2 or more letters - but spelling and punctuation are important. also note, some species may have more than one name (or different spellings), and not all names are listed in this database.

  • The search does not take into account any special conditions the plant may need. (i.e. some species require acidic soil, some alkaline soils, some grow better in clay, others in sand, etc...)

  • Species with a high C value (coefficient of conservatism) tend to be more finicky in garden situations.
    and also tend to be less common in the Michigan landscape.

  • Species with a low C value tend to be tolerant of a broader range of site conditions. Many of these species are also better suited for disturbed soils.

  • Many native species can tolerate site conditions beyond what is indicated in the database. (i.e. Eupatorium maculatum, Joe-Pye-weed, is listed in the wettest category, but as a garden plant, it can grow well in mesic (medium) soils. Perhaps this is due to less competition from surrounding vegetation).
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